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Crypto Coin Whacker

Welcome to the website where you will be able to smash up any crypto coin of your choosing to vent your anger. Whether you've lost money on a coin, hate a coin because someone else has made a tonne money from it and you've missed out or just hate a coin because you think it's a con you've come to the right place.

That's right this stars from the famous character Patrick from the Whack It Series of games and is a game for all those Crypto Maniacs, FOMO's, Shillers, FUDsters, Pump and Dumpers and Whales out there. Don't stress about your coin portfolio anymore! For all those that have be caught up in crypto fever you can vent your anger with various weapons and smash up any type of coin until your heart is content.

Stash Smasher Mode

In Stash Smasher Mode your challenge is to destroy an entire stash of a specific crypto coin before the time runs out.

Unbreakable Mode

Smash up the unbreakable, unshakeable Bitcoin bring it to it's knees to make way for other crypto coins to compete for the number one spot.

Crypto Smasher: Whale Hunter

In Crypto Coin Smasher: Whale Hunter Game you've tracked down the whale that has been hyper inflating your favourite crypto currency and now it's time to smash up his wallet ledgers and computer to permamently destroy his crypto stash forever!

Smash up crypto coins in a funny game and also compare coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum.